About Us

Lily May was founded to provide a cost effective, elegant range of fashion and accessories.  With an aim of supplying pieces that are individual and unique, only a limited quantity of each item is held at any time.  We hope that with limited stock your items become somewhat different to what others are wearing and, the standard stock held by other retailers.

The latest designs are sourced from overseas designers, taking into account quality, fashion trends and pieces that tend to stand out in a crowd.  Given our philosophy of stocking only limited quantities, new items are added weekly.

An on-line boutique was decided upon to make our range even more accessible to customers, both near and far.  We aim to provide the best possible delivery service, including to those living in rural and remote areas.

Founder Michelle Fraser decided on the name Lily May in honour of her grand-mother.  Lily always had a love of fashion and had accessories to match each of her outfits.  On returning from her holidays, she always proudly showed off her beads and brooches purchased for a special new dress or jacket.  With a very limited clothing budget, she had the ability to make each outfit different and special in their own right.  In essence Lily May the person demonstrates the vision of Lily May the e-boutique.  Lily May passed away in 2009 at the age of 96. 

Lily May is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Lily May